27 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start While Working A Full Time Job

27 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start While Working A Full Time Job

One of the best ways to earn more money when you feel like you’ve hit an income ceiling is to start a side hustle while still working a full time job.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you 27 side hustle ideas you can start immediately and that could potentially replace or even exceed your income from your job.

Why Start A Side Hustle?

I’m a big advocate of side hustles because:

  1. They are a source of extra income which can mean having more than enough money to save, invest, pay off debt and spend on the things you value.
  2. A side hustle can be your protection in case you unexpectedly lose your job.It’s one of the best ways to begin diversifying your income and start creating multiple streams of income so that all you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.
  3. A side hustle moves you a step closer to becoming successfully self employed.It’s the best way to experiment with your ideas, see if you really want to be an entrepreneur and learn the basics of running a business without risking it all for something you are not very sure about.
  4. A side hustle can help you make a career transition so you can do something you really love for a living.You can use your side hustle to learn new skills, build a portfolio and eventually transition into your dream job.
  5. Your side hustle can help you grow mentally, emotionally and physically so you become a better version of yourself.

These are some of the reasons why I have a side hustle and why I encourage you to have your own  if you don’t already have one.

Now, let’s get into the 27 ideas you steal to start your side hustle this month. Are you ready for these ideas? Let’s go.

1. Start a blog

Blogging is not only a great way to earn extra income but also an amazing way to get started as an online entrepreneur.

A blog is not overwhelming to start and the income potential is limitless.Plus,you can use your blog as the foundation for creating in demand products and services.

All you need to get started is a name and a web host for your blog.Currently I’m using Siteground as my blog’s web host and I have no complaints about their services.

Once you set up your blog,you can create content that drives traffic to your site and then monetize your blog.

Some ways bloggers make money include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Ads
  • Freelancing
  • Creating and selling their own products to their readers
  • Ebooks and digital downloads
  • Courses

A good example of someone who transformed a blogging side hustle into their full time business is Courtney Sanders of Think And Grow Chick.

She started her blog to chronicle her personal development journey and gradually created ebooks then courses and coaching services that finally allowed her to quit her job and become a full time online entrepreneur.

2. Freelance writing

If you enjoy writing,then freelance writing can be an amazing way to start transitioning from regular employment to full time entrepreneurship.

As a freelance writer,your job is to create content for blogs,businesses and magazines for a fee.

Why would people pay you to write for their sites?

Well because in the online world,content is king or queen.But most businesses don’t have time, creativity or the passion for writing that you do so they will pay you to create their content for them.

If you’re serious about becoming a freelance writer, a great place to start is with this 30 day freelance writing challenge. This challenge gives you all the steps you need to take to earn your first $1,000 as a freelance writer.

Other places where you can find paying freelance writing jobs to get started include:

A good example of someone who turned their freelance writing side hustle into their full time job is Bamidele Onibalusi of Writers In Charge.

He makes a full time living writing online even though he lives in a small village in Nigeria.Because of his success as a successful freelance writer,he has been able to start another business as a catfish farmer.

3. Freelance web design

Got some HTML and CSS  skills?Then starting a web design business on the side may be the right hustle for you.

Businesses want their websites to look better than everyone else’s and that’s where you come in.

With your web design skills you can partner with web developers,entrepreneurs, online business owners and marketing agencies as a freelancer to help them design beautiful websites that attract more clients.

When you are starting out as a web designer, your portfolio is the biggest asset that will help you sell your services to prospective clients.

Some places you can get clients include:

A great example of someone who turned her design side hustle into a full time business is Chaitra of PinkPot Studio .She started a lifestyle blog which later transitioned into a web design business.

4. Web development

Quite similar to web design but as a web developer, you use your coding skills to build websites and web applications. Web developers are  the creative and technical mind behind the look and functionality of websites.

Not everyone who has a website is interested in learning how to make it function the way they want it to and that’s where you come in as a developer.Your skills and knowledge save clients time and allows them to focus on what they do best.

Like web designers, you need to have a portfolio of projects you have worked on to show prospective clients that you have the skills they need.

And you can also land your first clients online or through networking locally.

5. Freelance graphic design

Another side hustle that could become your full time hustle is graphic design.Most businesses and brands need to look attractive and consistent online and on print and that is where you come in as a graphic designer.

You can help clients design logos,business cards, print materials,book covers and anything else they need to market their business.

Like web designers and developers, you will need to be skilled in designing concepts and be proficient in two or three design tools.You also need a portfolio to showcase your abilities.

You can find your first clients as a freelancer both online and offline through your networks. I know I have hired a graphic designer to design my logo and book cover because I didn’t have the skills to do it myself.

Some places you can find clients are:

A great example of how someone can turn web and graphic design into a full time hustle Kim George of  yourchicgeek.com .  

6. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide services that support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

As a virtual assistant you can offer services like customer support, processing orders and refunds, blog maintenance, content research, data entry, lead generation, social media management and the list goes on and on .

Depending on your professional background, you can use the skills you already have to get paid to support busy entrepreneurs and business owners.

If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant, here are some great resources for you:

A good example of a virtual assistant side hustle turned full time hustle is Kristin Larsen of Believe In A Budget.She used her blogging experience to build a successful business as a Pinterest VA and now works from home full time.

7. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Every business needs an accountant and a bookkeeper.Otherwise, they will not adequately manage their business finances and that could put them out of business.

Which is why an accounting and bookkeeping side hustle is a great idea to venture into.

If you are great with numbers and are detailed oriented then you should consider starting a bookkeeping and accounting side hustle.

You don’t even need to have gone to school for accounting,there are courses and training organizations where you can learn more about this field and get started.

Ben Robinson an accountant saw a huge need for well trained bookkeepers and created the Bookkeepers Business Launch course to fill that need.Through his course,he has helped stay at home moms and other people start successful bookkeeping businesses.

8. Social media manager

Another side hustle that can quickly become a full time job is social media management.

Businesses and brands need to stay relevant on social media so they can get their customers attention and get more sales.

As a social media manager, your job is to ensure that your clients are consistently showing up on social media,connecting with their audience,getting more engagement and getting leads and sales from their social media platforms.

If you spend a lot of time on social media and know how to create engaging posts that people comment on, why not get paid for it?

You can specialize in specific social media platforms like Pinterest management,Facebook management or Instagram management.Or you can do it all for a specific industry or professional.

Some resources to help you get started as a social media manager include:

9. Coaching

Do you constantly find yourself giving people free advice?Do people come to you to help them solve their problems, overcome obstacles or get results?

If so then becoming a coach might just be the right side hustle for you.What you coach people on depends on the problems you’re passionate about solving.

If you’re passionate about weight loss then you can become a health coach and help people lose and maintain weight.

If you’re passionate about relationships then you can become a relationship coach helping people find love,stay happily married and leave toxic relationships.

It all depends on what you’re good at.To get started you pick the area you’re going to be a coach in and start spreading the word through personal networks, video,writing and social media.

Some resources to help you get started as a coach are:

10. Small business consulting

Most small businesses don’t have the knowledge or money to hire full time employees to manage all the different aspects of business.Which is why they will hire consultants for short term periods and specific deliverables.

If you have specialized knowledge in specific areas then you can become a small business consultant.Helping small businesses improve their operations,choose the right software,set up the software and train them on how to use it.

Or you can manage specific aspects of a small business for a monthly retainer fee.Your background skills,experience and expertise can help you determine what you can become a consultant of.

11. Selling ebooks

Love writing?Why not become an authorpreneur!

You can put together ebooks that educate,entertain and empower people and as you publish more books,you could eventually make a full time living as an author.

One way I see authors make a full time living selling ebooks is by writing a book series.That way if someone reads the first book in the series,they will be looking forward to the next one.

12. Amazon reselling

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces and anyone with an amazon account can start an amazon reselling side hustle.

I’ve done this myself and sold my old textbooks and other books that I would find at thrift stores and Goodwill and resell on Amazon for a higher price.

Some great resources to help you get started as an Amazon seller include:

13. Designing products and selling your designs

This side hustle is for you if you are creative, artsy and love to create new designs. Whether you’re designing art pieces or fashion, you can sell your designs on certain websites and get paid for it.

Below are resources of how you can get started and where you can sell your designs.

14. Building custom software for clients

Know how to code? Why not make use of your tech skills to work on freelance projects for your own clients?

Most small businesses and companies cannot afford to hire a full time developer in their business, but they are willing to hire a freelancer if they know that having their own software will improve their bottom line.

As a developer who wants to eventually become self employed, finding freelance projects could just be the ticket to becoming a full time entrepreneur.

15. Creating a smart phone app

Another great way to turn a side hustle into a full time business is to create apps. In today’s technologically advanced world, people love using apps for absolutely everything.

Productivity, saving money, taking notes, games, inspiration, fitness,convenience and the list is endless.

You don’t even need to be a techie to build an app, you just need an idea and you can hire someone to build the app for you.

Some resources that can help you get started building apps include:

Tara Reed of AppsWithoutCode.com is a good example of an entrepreneur who built a successful app business without writing any code.

16. Freelance photographer

People want to capture special moments and save them as a reminder of their great experiences. Why not be the person that these people come to for photography services.

In a digital world where images do the selling, photography can be very lucrative. From pregnancy photography to product photography, to wedding photography to lifestyle photography.

If you set yourself apart as someone who specializes in one type of photography then over time you will become known as the go to photographer in that niche.

An inspiring story of a photographer who turned his passion for photography into a successful wedding photography business is Ben Kiruthi of BenKiruthi.com. You can listen to that inspiring story here.

17. Start a YouTube Channel

Enjoy creating video content? Then YouTube is an amazing platform where you can jumpstart your side hustle.

While most people assume that making money on YouTube is as simple as just posting videos and being paid when ads are displayed to your viewers, there are actually many other ways to make money on YouTube.

Just like bloggers, you can monetize your Youtube channel through:

  • Sponsored videos
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Create and sell your own products on Etsy, Amazon or Shopify
  • Speaking engagements
  • Video editing for other Youtubers and small businesses

All you need to do is be creative with your content and build a loyal audience that will follow you wherever you go.

One amazing success story of a Youtuber who has successfully monetized her channel is Sharon Mundia of thisisess.com . She not only used her Youtube channel to land a variety of paid sponsorship opportunities but also landed a job as a daily talk show host recently.

18. Create an online course

Elearning is a billion dollar industry where you can earn your side hustle income from.

You can teach just about anything in this industry as long as you have people who are interested in that topic and are willing to spend money to learn more about what you are teaching.

The most profitable ideas for courses you can create include:

  • How to make more money through business and professional growth
  • How to look better
  • Hobbies or passions
  • How to feel better
  • How to master a specific skill
  • How to get a specific result

19. Podcasting

Podcasting is similar to YouTube and blogging except a podcast delivers content in audio format.

You can use a podcast to promote your business, connect with influencers and establish yourself as an expert in a certain field.

While starting a podcast may have a big technical learning curve, once you establish your podcast and start building an audience, you can absolutely turn your podcast into a profitable side hustle or even a full time business.

Like Youtube and blogging, podcasters make money through:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your own products or services
  • Selling ads
  • Getting sponsors
  • Creating premium content
  • Donations

Some resources to help you get started as a podcaster are:

  • She Podcasts has a free podcasting course created for women by women to help you get started
  • Podcast Launch a detailed book about how to start a podcast and it has 15 video tutorials to help you reduce the learning curve

20. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a common way that bloggers, Youtubers, Podcasters, Social Media Influencers and other content creators make money.

You make money as an affiliate by promoting a product or service you love and when someone buys that product with your link, you get paid a commission.

Basically, your job as an affiliate marketer is to help other businesses make more sales by promoting their products and services.

You don’t even need a platform to get started with affiliate marketing, all you need is an audience that knows and trusts you and will buy something based on your recommendation.

You can start by looking at the products you currently use and love, do they have an affiliate program? Will you get paid a commision if you recommend a friend?

I earned my first $10 on this blog by recommending  Digit ,a savings app that I absolutely love because it’s helped me save over $1,000 in two months.

A good resource that I have personally used to understand affiliate marketing in depth and get started is:

21. Tax preparation

Do you have a background and knowledge about tax preparation? Then you can start your own tax preparation business. Everyone has to file taxes and you will be of great help to alot of people especially during tax season.

Once you take classes that help you become knowledgeable about tax filing and obtain the necessary credentials to file taxes for others, then come tax season you can offer your services to other people.

With a lot of fraudulent tax preparers in the market, being efficient and proving that you can be trusted when it comes to money can help you acquire more clients and keep them on your service for a long time.

Some resources to help you start a tax preparing business include:

22. Virtual CFO

A virtual CFO is an accountant or experienced financial professional who supports small businesses in making the right decisions at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO.

As a virtual CFO you work part time and remotely to monitor the health and well being of a business usually with cloud technology.

You handle all the accounting and duties of a traditional CFO and provide guidance on all company decisions and issues.

If you are an experienced accountant then this is a great way to jumpstart your side hustle.

A great example of a virtual CFO that has grown her side hustle into a full time business is Kendra James-Anderson of thefinancefemme.com

23. Tutoring

If you are a good student, a teacher or simply have a passion for education and teaching, then tutoring is the perfect side hustle idea for you.

While certain subjects may come easily to you, they may not for other people. And also, most parents are not confident that schools provide the best quality education for their children so they are willing to pay for tutoring services.

Other parents don’t have the time to help their kids with homework and test preparation that’s where you come in as a tutor.

As schools continue to increase testing of students at all levels, the demand for tutoring will continue growing.

Some ideas to get started as a tutor are:

  • Language tutoring
  • College entrance exams tutoring
  • Tutoring college students on a subject you know

Some resources to get started include:

24. Selling handmade products

Love making your own products at home? Whether it’s soap, lotion, clothes, stationery or jewelry. You can turn your love for handmade products into a full time business.

With sites like Etsy , you can sell your products to people who love handmade products and are already searching for them on this platform.

A brand I love that has turned making handmade products into a thriving business is Nuya’s essence started by Hellen Dausen.

Hellen, a former miss Universe Tanzania and classmate of mine at USIU Kenya started her brand out of her love for beauty and it has been such a breath of fresh air watching this brand grow and become successful over the years.

25. Computer training

If you have a lot of experience in IT or a specific software then you can start a side hustle as a computer trainer.

Because technology is becoming part of everyday life, most people are willing to invest in their education especially if it involves technology.

All you need to get started with this side hustle is to have experience and proficiency in a certain aspect of technology.

Some ideas to get started include:

  • Helping people pass an IT certification on the first attempt
  • Helping people become proficient with a certain software : Excel, SQL, Quickbooks, Photoshop etc
  • Training people on specific coding languages and techniques

Think about a software, tool or process you use everyday and now know the tricks to getting stuff done faster, who will benefit from learning how to use this tool or software?

It could be a person looking to advance their career or an organization looking to train their employees.

Once you know the what and the who, then you can create a curriculum to help people either get started or become proficient in using that tool.

Laura of iheartplanners.com is a good example of how to be a computer trainer.

She used her previous corporate experience to create an Excel course that helps moms, mom bloggers and entrepreneurs learn how to create printables with Excel.

I took this course a while back and was impressed at how much you can do with Excel.

26. Public speaking

Public speaking is another great side hustle that anyone can turn into a full time business.

With thousands of events and conferences being organized every year,you can totally make a career and business out of public speaking.

Most paid public speakers start with audiences that are already accessible to them.

From giving speeches at work,at church,speaking to other professionals in your industry about a topic that you are a subject matter expert in or being an mc for events.

If you’ve done any speaking in the past,chances are that you could actually get paid to be a professional speaker.

A good example of well paid public speaker is Nicole Walter’s who used her corporate experience and training to launch a successful speaking and training business for small businesses.

27. Start an ecommerce business

Another side hustle you can start and turn into a full time business is eCommerce.

If you know of any great products that are in demand then you can get them from manufacturers and supply them to buyers for a profit.

Starting an eCommerce business may require a little more research and financial investment but can be very lucrative in the long run.

A great resource to help you get started with this type of business is the Shopify blog. Since they are an ecommerce platform they have plenty of articles on how to start.


As you can see, there are plenty of ideas that you can start with if you’re serious about earning more money while still working your job.

You don’t need a perfect idea to start,all you need to pick one of the 27 ideas that appeals to you most and start .You’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t work as you go.

Over To You!

Do you have a side hustle?

Share your side hustle in the comments below.If you don’t have one,share which one idea in the list above or outside this list is appealing to you currently.I want to cheer you on and keep up with your journey.


Priscilla Misaki

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