17 Warning Signs You’re Throwing Your Life Away And Don’t Even Realize It

17 Warning Signs You’re Throwing Your Life Away And Don’t Even Realize It

“What if I’m throwing away the greatest opportunity of my life?” Someone asked me this a few weeks ago. So I thought I should write a post about it today.


Because we’ve all been there. That space where we know deep inside it’s time to make some big changes in our lives. That space where we know things are not working out anymore and we want more but are too afraid to even take the first step.


So we stall. We keep ourselves busy. Distract ourselves with things, activities and busyness. Yet in all that busyness all we are doing is avoiding having to do something to change what is no longer working for us.


We are avoiding being honest with ourselves about our fear of taking action that will move us forward towards what we really want.We are avoiding to make those important decisions. Avoiding failure or making a mistake.


And hoping that things will resolve themselves eventually. Hoping that someone special will come along eventually and fix it for us. Hoping that luck will be on our side and somehow, someday we’ll get what we really want without having to lift a finger to get it.


In the meantime we keep things the way they are because we convince ourselves that that is the reality of life and we have no power to change anything.We settle out of fear that we are not good enough to get what we really, truly, deeply want.


So when I wrote a post about new beginnings and received an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone who read it, I wondered, what I can do to further support all my readers in making real change in their lives this year like I’m already doing.


Enters the Do It Anyway 7 Day Challenge. This challenge is about setting a goal, overcoming fear and taking small action steps daily for 7 days to build the confidence and mindset necessary to move forward towards your big goal for 2017.


Every single day for 7 days you will receive an email lesson with homework and the steps to take on that day. No guess work about what you need to do or where to start. Besides, once you have access to the emails you can redo the challenge over and over again until you reach your goal for this year.


This challenge is for any woman who knows deep inside she needs to make some changes in her life but for some unknown reason to her, can’t seem to take the first step. This challenge is for someone who is throwing her life away and may not even realize she is doing it.


In Case you’re wondering  whether you’re throwing away your life without realizing it, here is an extensive checklist for you:

  • You don’t try new things anymore.
  • You’re settling for a relationship, career and life that is less than what you know you deserve because you are too scared, too lazy, or too tired to go for what want.
  • You are a workaholic 
  • You’re chasing after material things
  • You’re watching too much TV and not spending any time reading
  • You make excuses about why you can’t have what you want
  • You keep living and reliving in your past 
  • You keep letting others tell you how to live because you’re too scared to speak up for yourself
  • You have anxiety about going to work every single day  
  • You can’t sleep and constantly struggle with insomnia
  • You check social media first thing when you open your eyes
  • Your idea of fun is getting wasted  
  • You gossip and slander other people
  • You no longer have ambition or plans for your future and never set goals for yourself
  • You constantly chase the money because you think it’s the ultimate resource
  • You complain a lot about everything but don’t do anything to change the situation
  • You spend too much time with toxic people who lead you astray, make you feel less than and don’t help you grow


How many of the 17 items on the list did you check off? If you checked off more than 5 items on your list and you want to do something about it, The Do It Anyway 7 Day Challenge is going to be a great catalyst in helping you make real change this year.


It starts on Monday the 30th so head on over to the link below and sign up. Join me and a group of other amazing women as we take small action steps over the next 7 days to kick start our goals for 2017.








If you’re not interested in the challenge but know a friend who would benefit from it, be nice and share this post with her. And as always, leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts about this post.


Priscilla Misaki

Hi,I'm Priscilla and I'm here to empower you to stop allowing money, pressure and other people rule your life so you can fully step into your purpose and start reaching your full potential.
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